Executive Portraits

Tips for a Great Executive Portrait

Dress the part but be yourself.

Dress to impress future customers, employers or colleagues in your industry. For men, a conservative business look with a dark grey, navy blue or brown jacket is usually your best choice. Women should wear a solid suit and a light blouse. Avoid all-white or all-black ensembles which can flatten out on camera.

In creative fields, such as actors & actresses, musicians, and models, it’s important to express your unique style but remember that your portrait should balance personality with professionalism. We specialize in headshots for preforming artists and other creative professionals.

Avoid busy, flashy and bright.

Remember, it’s all about you! Don’t distract the viewer with overly bright colors, large and flashy jewelry, or a busy patterned tie, jacket or top.

  1. Relax. Sit or stand straight, but don’t look stiff. Release anxiety and get comfortable without slouching.
  2. Look directly into the camera lens.  You are intentionally making “eye contact.”
  3. Smile.  A natural, comfortable smile will project a reassuring and friendly message.